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I have the distinct honor of raising my children in the family business, which is becoming more and more rare these days. My sons, Jack and Jimmy have been coming to Geranio with Dad since they were days from their entry into the world. The boys have spent hours upon hours at Geranio, sitting on a workbench in the kitchen watching, running up and down the stairs, around the dining rooms, and either entertaining or annoying the staff. They are as at home in the restaurant as they are sitting in our living room, and being able to share that with my boys is one of my true blessings in life. Jack has my palate, and began eating olives at about two, and has now shared this with Jimmy, so you will often find them behind the bar with toothpicks poking and sharing olives. Their favorite meal is Angel Hair with Salmon and Creamy Tomato Sauce, which may seem an odd dish for kids, but is as normal as a cheeseburger to them.

   The other equally important layer of our family here are the staff that have also made Geranio their home. Myself included, there are over 100 years of cumulative time for amongst the Geranio Staff. Oscar, Hector, Alberto, and Titto are the faces, personalities, and professionals that care for our guests from the front door, throughout the meal. Juan and Timothy, along with Maria are the engine that is our kitchen and create the food that is the heart and soul of Geranio. They know my food and cooking better than any team I have ever worked with! Like any family, we have our tiffs, but we have been doing this together for so many years, they are but a ripple on the surface of deep waters.

   The family bio would not be complete without Jane and Lucio Bergamin, our adopted Grandparents. Lucio founded Geranio in 1976, and carried the business with the same love and passion for 22 years. In 1998, he passed that responsibility to me, and as proud as I am of his history, so he also enjoys the legacy as it continues.

   As we have all introduced ourselves to you here, please return the gesture and say hello next time you visit our restaurant.